METAR Abbreviations
Descriptor Precipitation Obscuration Other
(BC)  Patches (DZ)  Drizzle (BR)  Mist/Fog (DS)  Duststorm
(BL)  Blowing (GR)  Hail (DU)  Widespread Dust (FC)  Funnel Cloud
(DR)  Low Drifting (GS) Small Hail/Snow Pellet (FG)  Fog (+FC)  Tornado/Waterspout
(FZ)  Freezing (IC)  Ice Crystals (FU)  Smoke (PO)  Dust/Sand Whirls
(MI)  Shallow (PL)  Ice Pellets (HZ)  Haze (SQ)  Squalls
(PR)  Partial (RA)  Rain (PY)  Spray (SS)  Sandstorm
(SH)  Shower/s (SG)  Snow Grains (SA)  Sand (GL)  Glaze
(TS)  Thunderstorm (SN)  Snow (VA)  Volcanic Ash (+)  Heavy intensity
(VC)  in the Vicinity (UP)  Unknown Precipitation   (-)  Light intensity

*= Extreme for the month (last occurence if more than one)
T= Trace precipitation amount
+= also occurs on earlier date
FG+= Heavy Fog, visibility .25 miles or less
BLANK enteries denote missing or unreported data